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Tim McGavin

In November, 2016 we also welcomed on board Tim McGovin. Tim came to South Africa from England in 1971. Time comes with a background in High School Teaching (8 years), then 14 years Corporate involvement in the field of Human Resources and finally 18 years Corporate experience in Sales. He is married to Nina and between the two of them share together 6 children all over the age of 28. Tim and Nina are now retired and live in Betty’s Bay.


Caroline Bam

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaroline was welcomed as a Trustee in November 2016. Caroline serves as a valuable link between the Trustees and the staff where she currently holds the position of Principal. Caroline also interacts constantly with the Governing Body.


Ann Bradford

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnn Bradford grew up in Kenya.  She and her late husband, George, moved to South Africa in 1968 and settled in Grabouw where George became involved with the apple farming industry.  After a while, George started his own business producing honey and supplying the local fruit farmers with bees for crop pollination.  Ann has been employed in the commercial sector and also started her own small business in 1991 exporting locally produced wine into other parts of Africa.

Ann is an active member of the Grabouw Catholic community which, together with Father Roger Hickley, was responsible for establishing Ikhwezi in 2006. Ann has been a trustee since the school’s inception and is currently the chairperson of the Trust.

Guy and Liza McGregor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGuy and Liza McGregor met in 1977 at a Catholic Youth group and were married in 1980. Both have pursued careers in the corporate sector.  Guy worked for 22 years with BP and has since gone on to establish his own consultancy practice as an Energy Economist.  Liza is the co-owner and manager of Tutors For Africa which provides private tuition in students’ homes.

Liza is currently the secretary of the Board of Trustees of Ihkwezi Educare Trust.  Both Guy and Liza are passionate about Ihkwezi and the importance of providing grassroots education to all children, allowing them to achieve their best when they enter formal education.  As Liza says ‘ I love our little children so much and appreciate those joyful smiles each time I visit Ikhwezi ‘.

2015 – 2016

We lost two of our Trustees – George Bradford and Terrance Scrooby. Terrance in particular is sorely missed by everyone as he was a daily figure at Ikhwezi, constantly working at improving and fixing things as well as supervising the weekly shopping and the purchase of electricity.
It is with much sadness that we must relate the sudden passing of our Trustee: Terrance ‘Tata’ Scrooby on Monday 15 February 2016.

Farewell, Tata Terrance

Terrance became involved with Ikhwezi Educare when he undertook the role of Project Manager in the creation of the school playground early in 2011 which required considerable earthworks and underground water management. An extract from the Chairman’s report 2011/2012 notes that Mr Scrooby exceeded all expectations in the completion of this project.
He very quickly became a familiar figure at Ikhwezi as he saw to the never-ending ‘to-do’ lists from repairing incidents of vandalism to fencing and window panes, to the bricking of the courtyard, the improvement of existing infrastructure and the re-location and enlargement of one of the classrooms.
The staff soon gave him the name ‘Tata’ which is a very respectful term for Patriarch or Father as his role widened to that of mentor, counsellor, and friend to everyone at the school. This bond was cemented by the fact that he was completely fluent in the Xhosa language resulting in his complete understanding of any situation.
Apart from all the projects that Terrance undertook to improve Ikhwezi, he agreed to manage the daily usage of both water and electricity and also the weekly grocery shopping for almost 100 children in 2016 who are given two meals a day as well as a mid-morning snack.
Towards the end of 2015 Ikhwezi was recognized as the best pre-school entity in the entire area by the Minister of Public Works on a recent visit – an accolade attributable in very large measure to the beautifully maintained grounds, buildings, equipment, trees and flowers – all thanks to this most generous and community minded friend of Ikhwezi.
Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife and two sons whom we hope might draw some solace from the many, many happy, healthy and beautiful children who have benefitted from Tata’s generosity to Ikhwezi.


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