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2014 Reaching for the stars with Dr Bernie Fanaroff 


Reaching for the stars: Bernie Fanaroff gave a riveting talk last night about the hugely ambitious Square Kilometre Array which will not only unravel the mysteries of the universe but will also create the first African scientist to be awarded the Nobel prize for work done in Africa AND put Africa at the forefront of harnessing Big Data. Thank you to

*Everyone who paid R250 to attend

*All those who went on to sponsor a child for a year

*Our wine and food sponsors

And, particularly, to Bernie!

2012 Betty’s Bay to Grabouw Walk

Liza walked from Betty’s Bay to Grabouw in order to raise funds for Ikhwezi Educare at the end of 2012. The route is approximately 60kms. Liza walked along Clarence Drive to Palmiet River, where she was met by two friends to hike over the Perdeberg Mountain to Iona wine farm. Ann and Guy joined Liza along Highlands Road into Grabouw and the walk finished with a 2km funwalk with the children of Ikhwezi on the 21st November.

Big Walk

The children had a big walk on Monday 11 November to raise funds for their school and wore the T.Shirts donated by RMB Bank.

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